Black & Grey / Black Work Tattoos -

What are black and grey tattoos exactly?

The clue is definitely in the name – they are tattoo designs completed with Black and Grey ink!

White ink is often used to highlight sections of the design and is also used in order to smooth any sharp transition between the two shades.

It’s common for Black and Grey designs to be created through various 3D effects and it goes without saying that, except for white ink, no other color is used (except specifically to accent a certain element such as the eyes or lips for example).

On this point it is important to understand that the first choice you need to make when deciding on a tattoo is whether you will go Color or Black and Grey.

Is one really better than the other?

As long as you choose a high quality studio that is great at the style you choose, the answer is “no”!

It really depends on your personal preference.

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Tattooing is banned in prisons, so inmates resort to creating their own machines and inks. Charcoal, cigarette ash and black pen ink are often mixed with water and applied into the skin. Diluting solid black with water leads to a “wash” effect of grey tones, adding depth and dimension to 2D tattoos. What began as an experimental necessity for inmates soon became a sought-after technique in the industry.

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Originally called “jailhouse style” tattooing in the west, the technique was adopted by licensed tattooers and re-named “black and grey”. Ink manufacturers now sell a wide range of grey tones. While some tattooers still dilute black with distilled water, the use of solid grey inks is preferred for a longer lasting look. This shading technique is prevalent all over the world, found in a wide range of aesthetic styles.

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