100 + Awesome Leg Tattoos | Art and Design | Men's and Women's

100 + Awesome  Leg Tattoos | Art and Design | Men's and Women's 

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Large tattoos are often very painful to get. Not only because of the grueling hours and even more than one procedure to finish it. But larger tattoos are often placed on areas that are more painful than others. That is why these designs are usually left for the more experienced tattoo enthusiasts. However, that is not always the thing with leg tattoos.

The legs are a great place to get larger tattoos with low pain register. It’s also a very versatile place for tattoos. You can put larger and bolder tattoo designs there. But you can also go with minimalist ones, and it would not get lost in all the space. Apart from versatility, the legs are also easily covered. You can easily wear jeans and leggings, and it will instantly cover your tattoo no matter how big and bold it is.

Are Leg Tattoos for Men or for Women?

So, are leg tattoos for men or for women? The answer is pretty simple. It is for everyone who wants to get a leg tattoo and are tattoo enthusiasts. That being said, men and women can get theirs. However, there are specific designs that are more popular with men than with women and vice versa.

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100 + Incredible Legs Tattoos | Art and Design | Men's and Women's
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