The 23 Best Marine Tattoos for Men 2020

The 23 Best Marine Tattoos for Men 2020

The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States military that focuses on sea-based missions. The US Marine Corps works in tandem with the United States Air Force, the Army, and the US Navy. All four of these military branches are associated with protecting the image of the United States, and they head out into the world to protect the rights of the American people, especially the value of freedom in the US.
One of the most common mottos that you’ll see in marine tattoos is “Semper Fidelis.” In the Latin language, semper fidelis is another way of saying “always faithful,” and not only is it a common motto for marine corp tattoos, but semper fidelis is actually the motto of the official United States Marine Corps.
Another very popular piece of marine tattoos is the symbol of an eagle. Bald eagles represent freedom in many different forms. From the freedom of speech, to freedom of religion and political views, America is a nation that values freedom. And even furthermore, symbols such as an anchor and a globe are also very prominent in marine tattoo ideas for men.
No matter what design you ultimately choose for your marine tattoo for men, the planning process is very important. Looking at other marine tattoo ideas can help you make your decision. Here are 23 examples of marine tattoo designs for men.

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